Boxing Workout in Jupiter, Florida

Join TITLE Boxing Club Jupiter for a boxing workout unlike any other. You won’t just work the bags — instead, you’ll participate in full body workouts that can help you burn up to 1,000 calories in just one hour!

During our group fitness classes, a professional trainer teaches you boxing techniques that strengthen your whole body, increase your endurance, build muscle, and boost your confidence. Combined with cardio and toning exercises, our boxing workouts and women’s boxing classes produce unbelievable results.

Hit It Hard today — call TITLE Boxing Club in Jupiter, FL at 561-743-7866 to learn more about our boxing interval training classes!

What To Expect From a TITLE Boxing Workout

When you head to a Power Hour boxing workout at TITLE Boxing Club Jupiter, here’s what you should expect:

15 Minute Warm-Up

Your trainer will teach you to wrap your hands before you start your 15 minute warm-up. Before the more intense boxing workout begins, you’ll get your blood pumping and your muscles ready with stretching, jogging, jumping, squats, and calisthenics.

30 Minutes of Bag Work

Once your heart is pumping from your warm-up workout, Power Hour moves to the boxing workout portion. The majority of these interval training classes are split into 3 minute rounds that include basic boxing combinations followed by 1 minute of active rest. This gives you a break while keeping your heart rate up, which helps keep your calorie-burning going strong.

15 Minute Wrap-Up

Your TITLE boxing workout concludes with a 15-minute session involving exercise gear and body resistance equipment. A personal trainer designs these routines to strengthen your core and further engage all your muscle groups during our boxing cardio classes. To help you cool down, you’ll also do some floor work and toning exercises.

The Boxing Workout For Everyone

At TITLE Boxing Club Jupiter, Florida, we welcome members of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. You choose how hard or how light you hit this boxing workout. Either way, you’ll burn a ton deal of calories while having fun.

Don’t wait — call TITLE Boxing Club Jupiter at 561-743-7866 to learn about getting your First Shot Free for boxing classes, kickboxing workouts and cardio classes.

*Requires hand wraps and gloves.